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Hot Off The Grill from (Issue #12)
August 06, 2014

2 New Recipes from


Here's two of the newest recipes from tasteofBBQ that you might be interested in trying.

As the summer marches on I've been experimenting with recipes not normally associated with grilling but actually work out very well, if not better than their conventional cooking methods.

The first is a spin on an old favorite, the Italian Meatball Submarine sandwich while the second is an interesting adaptation of the traditional Spanish Paella recipe.


BBQ Meatball Sub

I've included two pictures to give you a better idea how these BBQ Meatball Sub's come together.

It's pretty simple, the meatballs are stuffed with small pieces of mozzarella cheese string and then cooked on bamboo skewers like a kebab.

Once cooked, slide them off the skewer into a garlic toasted Panini roll or sub bun, sprinkle with shredded cheese and drizzle with our new Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

This recipe takes the traditional tomato based sub recipe and tweaks it for fun summertime grilling.

Chicken & Shrimp Paella

This Spanish Paella (pronounced pie-a-ya) recipe is based on the traditional but uses chicken, chorizo sausage and shrimp as the main ingredients.

The picture below is just before removing from the grill and serving.

Use traditional paella rice (also called bomba or valencia rice) which is available at most specialty cooking stores and cook this in a flat-bottomed paella pan or cast iron pan.

Cooking on the bbq grill gives you a chance to add a slight smoky flavor using chips or pellets which really enhances this side dish.

This is a really good dish to serve all on it's own or as a side to chicken and seafood.

Have fun with these two new recipes and let me know what you think.

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