Spice up your Grilling with Dry Rubs and Blends

BBQ Dry Rub recipes and Spice Blends are herb and spice mixtures that get worked or rubbed into raw food, especially meat and fish, prior to cooking and are very popular in BBQ and grilling recipes.

They're used instead of liquid marinades when it's important to maintain the original texture of foods however the food that's been rubbed can still be left to "marinate" to allow the spice flavors penetrate the food.

In many cases these blends have distinct Southern and Mexican tastes and flavors however there's an Asian influence that's gaining popularity as well.

Meats like Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket all benefit from time left to sit with a nice spice blend before a low and slow barbecue. 

how to make bbq dry rubs

In most cases BBQ rubs use salt for flavor and sugars to help with carmelization of the grilled foods.

Other typical ingredients include chili and cayenne pepper, garlic, onion powder, black pepper, paprika and dry mustard.

Enhance the flavor of virtually any BBQ meats including pork, ribs, chicken and fish with these versatile rub recipes.

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bbq dry rub recipe All American BBQ dry rub recipe This could be the only BBQ Dry Rub you'll ever need. Sweet and spicy this versatile bbq dry rub boosts the flavor of your pork, ribs, chicken and fish.
cajun seasoning recipe Bobby B's Cajun Seasoning Rub recipe This cajun seasoning will make your chicken, ribs and shrimp taste like their right from Bourbon Street. Experience the flavor of the Bayou!
bbq rub recipes Firehouse Spicy BBQ rub recipes The Firehouse Spicy dry rub was created especially for the Firehouse Grilled Shrimp recipes but is also a good choice for pork! Careful though - it's 4-alarm hot!
garam masala recipe Easy Garam Masala recipe So you've got a recipe calling for Garam Masala? What the heck is that? It's actually just a spice blend used primarly in Indian cuisine but finding it's way into many other dishes as well. Here's our easy no-fuss garam masala recipe that tastes like the real thing.

montreal steak seasoning Montreal Steak Spice Blend Instead of spending big bucks on commercial Montreal Steak Seasoning why not make your own? All the ingredients are available at most grocery stores and putting them together is a breeze. This copy-cat recipe tastes just like the McCormick spice does.
crab seasoning Old Bay Seasoning This is the best copycat recipe for Old Bay seasoning I've found. This is a "must have" ingredient for any true Crab recipe and is vital to the grilled crab cakes recipe at tasteofBBQ.

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