Practical Grilling & Barbecue Tips

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Fine-tune your skills with these practical "how-to" barbecue tips and techniques and put them to good use right away with any of the tasteofBBQ recipes.

The pictured links below cover all the general BBQ & Grilling tips to get you started or reinforce what you may already know.

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bbq tools

Grilling tools & accessories that you can't live without.
Review the "Must Have", "Should Have" and "Nice to Have" BBQ & Grilling tools here to help you decide.

bbq tips

Methods and types of Barbecue & Grilling.
What's the difference between Barbecue and Grilling? What does Direct grilling mean? How about Indirect? BBQ, Smoking and Rotisserie also discussed here.

charcoal briquettes

All about charcoal - Lump or Briquette?
Is one better than the other? What's the diffence between briquettes and lump charcoal? When do I use one or the other?

charcoal grill tips

Charcoal Grill Tips - learn how to use your grill:
How much charcoal do I need? How do I light a charcoal grill? How to setup Direct charcoal grilling? How to setup Indirect charcoal grilling? How to have a longer burn time?

smoker grill

Smoker Grill barbecue tips - learn how to turn your charcoal or gas grill into a Smoker Grill
What is smoking and why should I do it? What are smoking woods? What foods go with what wood? How do I smoke food on a charcoal grill? How about smoking on a gas grill?

gas grill

Gas BBQ Grill Tips - learn how to use your grill
Lighting & cleaning a gas bbq grill? Types of cooking grates and how to oil them? Direct & Indirect cooking on gas grills? Smoking & Rotisserie on a gas bbq grill?

rotisserie chicken

Learn how to use a BBQ Rotisserie
Step-by-step photo instructions on how to use a BBQ Rotisserie including how to prepare both the food and the rotisserie.

Also includes links to other pages such as rotisserie chicken recipes and others.

International Grilling Techniques
Learn how others around the world grill famous recipes.

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