Different types and methods of BBQ & Grilling

The word BBQ (barbecue, barbeque) means different things to different people around the world.

In North America for example, and especially if you're living in the South, it usually refers to a particular type of meat, slow cooked over indirect heat, low and slow with lot's of smoke, usually oak or hickory.

bbq and grilling

True barbecue cooks between 225F and 300F and in some cases for more than 12 hrs.

Typically this type of barbecue in the Carolina's refers to pulled pork but if you're from Texas it usually means beef brisket.

Smoking is another variation on true barbecue and is done in dedicated smoking equipment generally horizontal or vertical smokers.

For the rest of us, along the US east and west coasts and in Canada, the term barbecue is used the same as grilling.

It's become a common term generally used to describe any type of outdoor cooking over fire, whether gas grills or charcoal fired grills.

Continue reading below about the differences between direct and indirect cooking, what's involved with BBQ Smoking and information about Rotisserie cooking...

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Direct Heat Grilling:
Whether charcoal or gas, direct grilling means your cooking directly over the hot flames, usually between 400F and 700F.

This method is most often used for smaller cuts of meat like steaks, chicken breasts and fish fillets.

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Indirect Heat Grilling:
As the name implies you're not grilling directly over the flames.

This method is used for larger cuts of meat like roasts or large birds and is done at lower temperatures - low and slow.

The grill lid is closed and temperatures are maintained between 300F and 350F.

You've an opportunity to smoke the food with indirect grilling.

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True BBQ & Smoking:
The true barbecue method is a very low heat indirect cooking - usually in a dedicated smoker unit or pit.

Smoking is also very successfully done in charcoal grills and ceramic units like the Big Green Egg.

The Egg in particular is very easy to smoke food in and can have very long burn times. This is a unit anyone can buy for all types of BBQ and Grilling.

The food cooks very slowly - sometimes up to 18 hours at temperatures between 225F and 300F.

Smoking true barbecue is typically with oak or hickory wood.

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BBQ Rotisserie:
This method involves grilling meats on a motorized spit that rotates over, or in front of, the heat.

This is used for larger cuts of meat like roasts and chickens.

One of the best parts of rotisserie is how it allows the food, especially chicken to self-baste as it rotates.

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HomeBarbecue Tips › Types of BBQ & Grilling

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