BBQ Side Dishes & Grilled Desserts

BBQ Side dishes are perfect companions to any of the main course recipes on tasteofBBQ.

And grilled desserts are becoming more popular as people get creative and experiment with cooking desserts on their BBQ, especially fruits.

We'll share the results of those experiments here.

No actor ever won an Oscar without a supporting cast.

BBQ Side dish of baked beans

These BBQ side dishes have been kept separate from the Grilled Vegetables since they're much more unique.

Send me a note if you've got some idea's you'd like to share here. 

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baked beans recipe New & Improved Baked Beans recipe Time for a new twist on an old, faithful recipe. Not only do you cook these beans on your charcoal or gas barbecue but there's a couple ingredients not normally found in baked beans that give it an amazing taste. These beans are best served as a side dish with a BBQ Pork recipe
homemade lemonade Fresh Squeezed Lemonade recipe Step back to a simpler time when most folks made everything from scratch, freshly squeezed homemade lemonade was no exception. With this simple recipe now you can make your own at home too. This homemade lemonade goes with just about any meal.
fried mushroom recipe with balsamic Balsamic Fried Mushroom recipe Learn the easy way how to sautee mushrooms with this balsamic and red wine flavored fried mushroom recipe. Easy and convenient to make on the side burner of your barbeque, this bbq side dish is perfect with bbq pork and grilled steak.
turkey stuffing recipe Turkey Stuffing recipe in a Pumpkin Now is the time to move beyond traditional turkey stuffing and learn how to make stuffing in a Pumpkin! You'll be glad you did - the flavor is immense and you're friends and family will talk about it for years. Do it once, and they will ask you to do it every Thanksgiving. And at Christmas, it becomes a crockpot stuffing recipe.
how to make crepes with grilled stuffing How to Make Crepes (and stuff with Grilled Stuff) One of the easist things I've learned is how to make crepes. OK, crepes are great, but they need some tasty innards! First, learn how to make crepes with this simple, basic recipe. Then, learn how you can take many of the tasteofBBQ grilled skewers and turn them into fantastic crepe filling.

make caramelized onions Caramelized Onions recipe Such a simple recipe but truly an amazing taste. It's so easy to make these caramelized onions on your grill, just drizzle with olive oil and balsamic, let them sit an hour then grill both sides until cooked and caramelized. Great on beef burgers and steaks.
texas bbq chili Texas Roadhouse Chili Tender chunks of Grilled Sirloin and Hot Sausage, fresh tomatoes, onion, green pepper and corn add so much flavor to this authentic smoky BBQ Texas Chili recipe. Cook on your gas grill or charcoal BBQ for 4 hours.
barbecued onions Loaded BBQ Onions Absolutely Awesome loaded BBQ onions stuffed with bacon, bbq sauce, butter and pepper. These make a great side dish with beef, pork and chicken.
paella Chicken & Shrimp Paella Adapted from traditional Spanish Paella this recipe uses seasoned chicken, shrimp and rice for amazing flavor. Cook this on your grill to get a nice smoky flavor.

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