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If this is your first visit to tasteofBBQ then you may be interested in knowing more about the website and the people behind it.

I started this project several years ago mostly as a way to entertain myself and learn something new about creating a website but also as a way to share many of my favorite recipes that I've been collecting over the years.

I do my best to keep it updated with new BBQ & grilling recipes and tips with a lot of support and input from my family, friends and visitors to tasteofBBQ who share a similar passion for creating and eating really good food.

OK, some of these folks enjoy the eating part more than the creating part but their feedback (and yours) is extremely valuable.

First, let me tell you what tasteofBBQ is...

It's a great resource website for people who want to take their BBQ & Grilling experience beyond plain boxed hamburgers and mystery-meat hot dogs.

grill filet mignon at home

It's for people just like you and me that want to have fun at the grill and at the same time provide delicious gourmet meals for our families and friends.

It's for all us to share our experience, love and enthusiasm for BBQ & grilling with each other.

And I've been at the grill experimenting, making mistakes, learning and having fun producing gourmet grilled food for over 25 years.

Now, and just as important, here's what tasteofBBQ isn't...

It isn't about competition BBQ.

Please don't get me wrong, I love competition BBQ and I've been a Certified Kansas City Barbecue Society Judge.

It's just that competition BBQ is worlds apart from our everyday backyard BBQ and I just want to focus on what you and I will be grilling in our backyards.

It's also unlike many of the larger corporate recipe websites that have thousands of user recipes online.

We've hundreds of recipes but they're dedicated just to barbecue & grilling and we've tested them until they're perfect.

Tough job but someone's got to do it!

Likewise, tasteofBBQ has also been designed to be unlike many other BBQ & Grilling websites that simply give you a list of ingredients and you're on your own.

I'm very much a visual person. I'm drawn to clean, simple websites and blogs that feature lot's of pictures.

remove membrane from ribs first

Each tasteofBBQ recipe and tip provides you with photographic step-by-step instructions.

It takes us a little longer to develop new recipes, photograph each step and upload new files.

But I think it adds much more value and it's worth the extra effort.


Stay tuned, we're now adding videos too!

I've a confession. When I started this project early in 2011 I knew absolutely nothing about website development or food photography (some will say I still don't but that's ok!).

All I had was this burning desire to share over 25 years of BBQ and grilling experience, share what I've learned through all of my mistakes and share my personal collection of grilling recipes.

It's been a tremendous learning experience, lot's of fun and hopefully tasteofBBQ has been improving since 2011, it's beginning to take on a life of it's own. 

best stuffed chicken recipe for the grill

There's a comments section with each recipe so you can share your thoughts and suggestions as well.

tasteofBBQ is very much a labor of love so if you like this site as much as I do then please visit often to see what's new!

In the end, what's most important is being able to share what I think are some of the best BBQ & Grilling recipes I know of.

I hope you enjoy them and come back often.

See you again soon,

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