The Best Grilled Shrimp Recipes - Scampi to Kabobs

This collection of amazing grilled shrimp recipes shows you step-by-step how to grill shrimp from mouthwatering grilled kabob recipes to the best shrimp scampi recipes you'll ever taste.

You'll love serving our spicy shrimp appetizer at your next party, or if you're looking for one of our popular and easy grilled kabob recipes for dinner tonight then try this one with Gin & Marmalade. Honest, Gin & Marmalade.

easy grilled shrimp recipes

It's also amazing what a simple marinade can do, shrimp really soak up the flavors and very quickly too.

Whether you're serving Thai, Curry, traditional BBQ or want the popular Lemon Garlic taste, these recipes fit right in as the perfect side dish.

The most important thing to remember when first learning how to cook shrimp - don't overcook them.

Grilled shrimp quickly go from perfectly juicy and full of flavor to dry and tough.

When cooked properly on a very hot grill all of these recipes here take no time at all, usually on and off in 5 or 6 minutes.

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garlic shrimp recipe Honey Garlic Shrimp skewer recipe I've combined the Honey Garlic barbecue sauce recipe and grilled shrimp for this recipe. They're so easy to make and quick to grill - your guests will love them.
grilled shrimp recipe Firehouse 4-alarm spicy grilled shrimp recipe If you love grilled shrimp and you love spicy food then this recipe is for you. It uses the specially formulated Firehouse Spicy BBQ rub recipes - but watch out - they're hot!
easy shrimp scampi recipe Easy Bruschetta Shrimp Scampi recipe One of those quick and easy recipes for rushed weeknights - uses off-the-shelf salad dressing of your choice, chopped tomatoes and green onions and lot's of shredded cheese. This recipe literally melts in your mouth.
spicy shrimp appetizers Spicy grilled Shrimp & Sausage appetizers These skewers of spicy grilled sausage, shrimp and red onion make a nice side dish with rice and any of the BBQ chicken recipes on tasteofBBQ. They're also great as a quick and easy appetizer.
shrimp scampi recipe Restaurant BBQ Shrimp Scampi appetizer Restaurant quality, cream cheese filled jumbo shrimp wrapped in proscuitto, bathed in melted garlic butter and covered with grated cheese. Cooked on your BBQ you can serve this as either an appetizer or delicious side dish.

grilled shrimp kabobs Lemon & Garlic infused grilled shrimp kabobs These skewers are bursting with lemon & garlic flavor. Using the juice of real, fresh lemons and their zest guarantee's a true, long-lasting taste that survives the heat of the grill. These make a great side dish to this Filet Mignon steak.
bbq shrimp recipe Coconut Mango Curry BBQ Shrimp recipe Breakaway from the everyday with one of the more unique grilled shrimp recipes. They're marinated for an hour in a blend of coconut, mango and a subtle hint of curry before locking in the flavors on the grill. These are great as a side dish or appetizer with plenty of sauce left over to use to drizzle over the kebabs or to dip them in it.
tasty marinated grilled shrimp recipe Thai Marinated Grilled Shrimp The spicy flavors of Thai combine perfectly with the rich, Peanut Satay sauce in this marinated grilled shrimp recipe. This recipe has a quick 1 hour marinade time and very quick high-heat grilling time so you can make these almost anytime. Goes great with the Thai barbeque chicken recipe.
lime shrimp curry recipe kebabs Lime Shrimp Curry recipe Smooth blended marinade of green curry paste, coconut milk and lime juice prepare these spicy kebabs for the grill. You'll save half the marinade to drizzle over the shrimp and rice just before serving. This makes an excellent main dish or just serve the kebabs on the side.
easy grilled shrimp Easy Grilled Shrimp with Gin & Marmalade
You won't believe it until you try it. Both the taste and preparation are very easy to deal with. While it sounds like an unusal marinade combination (and I had my doubts when I made it) it turns out it's a perfect marriage. The juniper flavors of gin compliment the zesty sweet orange of the marmalade. These go great with steak or a grilled chicken recipe.

thai barbeque shrimp recipe kabobs Spicy Thai Barbeque Shrimp recipe Hot off the Grill these Thai barbeque shrimp kabobs are a perfect spicy grilled appetizer or side dish. Soak the shrimp and red pepper in a full-flavored Thai marinade for an hour then on the grill they go. Drizzle or dip the kabob's in a warm nutty sesame Thai sauce when they're cooked and you'll think your eating in a restaurant.
buffalo grilled shrimp Buffalo Shrimp Skewers If you love the flavor of pub-style Buffalo Chicken Wings then you'll really love these grilled Buffalo Shrimp. Quick and easy to make and grill these spicy shrimp skewers.

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