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There's a wide variety of grilled fish recipes to choose from here, like the unique citrus Mahi Mahi, the succulent Grilled Lobster Tails bathed in a tarragon-wine garlic butter sauce or everyone's favorite, Jack Daniel's Mojo Salmon on a Cedar Plank.

If you like grilled fish but you're not always confident in your ability to grill it please read on.

how to grill mahi-mahi

When you explore the grilled fish & seafood recipes below you'll see how easy it really is to try something new like this on your BBQ.

There are several innovative tips with most of these recipes to make grilling fish easier than ever before.

Maybe we should call these "no more swearing" fish recipes!

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grilling salmon Grilling salmon on a cedar plank Salmon on the BBQ is one of the more popular grilled fish recipes but many people are reluctant to try it thinking it's too difficult. This recipe now makes it quick and easy to prepare and features our newest flavor sensation - Jack Daniels Mojo salmon marinade. Don't be suprised if you're asked to make this on a regular basis.
grilled fish recipe Garlic ginger grilled fish recipe This grilled fish recipe calls for Haddock but you can just as easily use Halibut, Sole, Tilapia or any white fish. The garlic ginger marinade quickly infuses in the fish to give it a subtle, unique flavor.
grilled scallop recipes Canadian pan-seared scallops recipe Fresh Canadian scallops are quickly pan-seared in rich creamy butter just until it's time to introduce a surprise Drambuie liqueur reduction. Out of the pan and onto the plate where you'll drizzle pure Canadian Maple Syrup just before serving. Unique side dish or appetizer.
grilling fish Grilling Fish the easy way - Crispy Fish Here's an old-time recipe brought up to date, out of the frying pan and onto the grill. Crispy Fish is one of my favorites for any of the grilled white fish recipes and I've adapted it from my old trusty cast iron pan over the campfire.
grilled tuna steaks Sear Grilled Tuna Steaks Sear grill fresh yellow-fin tuna steaks over very high heat, in a very short time, gives you perfect sushi grade tuna everytime. You really need to max out the grill heat on this one to get it right. If you do you'll be rewarded with the most delicious grilled fish recipes you've ever tasted.

bbq haddock recipes Zesty Lemon Haddock recipe Irresistable flavors of the Meditteranean flow through this haddock recipe. A 30-minute marinade is all it takes to infuse this fish with just the right balance of lemon, garlic and oregano. A very quick grilling fish you'll be suprised when it's cooked in 6 to 8 minutes. Once it's off the grill you'll sprinkly marjoram leaves over the top and serve with a tangy Tzatziki sauce on the side.
best grilled trout recipe Grilled Trout recipe with Wasabi Ginger Glaze If you like Salmon, you'll love this recipe. Steelhead trout are remarkably similar to salmon in look, taste and texture, but without the expensive price tag. This grilled trout recipe gets a peppercorn sesame crust and finishes with a sticky Wasabi Ginger glaze.
best grilling lobster tails Grilling Lobster Tails They look great, taste even better and are surprisingly easy to make. These grilled lobster tails feature a unique Tarragon-Wine Garlic Butter basting and dipping sauce. This is a signature dish you'll love to serve with this Filet Mignon steak.
how to bbq mahi mahi recipe Grilled Mahi Mahi If you've never grilled or tasted Mahi Mahi before you'll be very suprised how easy it is to cook mahi mahi and just how great it tastes. I find this one of the more unique grilled fish recipes and the citrus-tequila marinade is absolutely the perfect taste match for this type of fish. I think you'll really love this.
how to grill tilapia fish Grilled Tilapia infused with Lemon & Dill The unique grilling method used for this Tilapia recipe is so simple it's almost funny. Slice the lemons, sprinkle with dill, salt & pepper and lay the Tilapia fillets on top. With the BBQ lid closed the heat through the lemons infuses the flavors into the delicate flesh of the fish on top.

how to grill crab stuffed sole Crab Stuffed Sole fillets These delicate sole fillets are packed with a zesty crab meat stuffing and then "poached" in a butter-tarragon sauce on your BBQ. This is pretty much one of those "no-fail" recipes as your cooking the fish in an aluminum pan on the grill. These are terrific served with rice and green beans on the side.
how to grill fish in foil packets Grilling Fish in Foil Packets If your learning how to grill fish or want to grill fish with a blend of exotic flavors then these recipes are just for you. Grilling Fish in Foil is not only fast & easy but it's mistake-proof and you get perfect results every time. Imagine, BBQ Sole with Peaches, Lime & Honey, or how about Salsa Stuffed fish? The Lemon-Dill version shown here explodes with flavor.
how to grill fish in prosciutto packets Grilled Halibut in Prosciutto Wrapping halibut seasoned with roasted red pepper tapenade in prosciutto sounds very exquisite, and it does taste exquisite. But it's amazingly easy to do and is perfect as a weeknight meal treat. What's more, because it's wrapped in prosciutto it's easier to grill than plain fish because it doesn't stick.
best crab cakes Grilled Crab Cakes This is one of the best tasting crab cake recipes out there and it includes a spicy lime mayonnaise crab cake sauce too. These are easy to cook on the grill.
shrimp scallop kabobs Shrimp & Scallop Kabobs Giant Scallops and Jumbo Shrimp team up with some lively veggies to make the most flavorful seafood Kabobs you'll ever taste. Marinate the shrimp and scallops 4 - 6 hours for maximum impact. These grill in only 6 - 8 minutes.

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