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BBQ Chicken recipes have always been one of the most popular for the grill since chicken easily takes on whatever flavors you apply, either with rubs, sauces or marinades.

Not only that, because you can transform the taste of grilled chicken so easily (compared to beef) it can be served with almost any side dish you like.

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Here's some helpful BBQ Tips for Chicken to answer any purchase, storage and chicken preparation questions you might have.

And if you're interested in using a BBQ rotisserie unit check out our rotisserie tips page here. We've several rotisserie chicken, turkey and duck recipes available for you to try out your new skills.

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beer can chicken Beer Can Chicken Quickly becoming a family favorite the BBQ beer can chicken recipe is one of the easiest to prepare and is guaranteed to result in a very juicy bbq chicken. We've also included some optional preparation suggestions for the more adventurous grill chef's.
chicken thigh recipes Bacon wrapped stuffed chicken bundles Marinated and bacon wrapped chicken thigh bundles, stuffed with soft goat cheese, flame-roasted red peppers and green onion. These are easy to make and quick to grill. Make enough for 3 to 4 bundles per person.
barbecue chicken recipe California Barbecue Chicken recipe Pork tenderloin soaked in chimichurri sauce, enveloped in tender, juicy chicken breasts then wrapped in bacon - if you think this sounds good, wait until you try it. Not only do these flavors blend pefectly but they also help each other out while cooking, the bacon on the outside and pork inside helps keep the chicken moist all through cooking. This is a popular BBQ chicken recipe.
chicken kofta kebab recipe Chicken Kofta Kebab recipe Traditionally a Middle Eastern recipe this kofta kebab uses chicken instead of lamb. I've maintained many of the original flavors found in most kofta recipes but I've also tuned it up a bit to add a bit more kick.
lemon chicken recipe Citrus Infused Lemon Chicken recipe Very easy lemon chicken recipe, richly infused with a tangy citrus flavor while grilling. This makes a great, quick weekday meal if your short on time but still want the great taste of BBQ.
chorizo and chicken kabobs Spicy Grilled Chicken Kabobs If you like spicy food then these Chorizo and Chicken Kabobs are right up your alley. The Hot Spanish Chorizo sausage adds a lot of the heat but if you want it hotter just increase the amount of Asian hot chili sauce when you make the marinade. It's best to use an instant read thermometer so you don't overcook the chicken.

grilled chicken recipe 8 Ginger Garlic rotisserie chicken recipe Add a twist to the regular rotisserie chicken with a tangy ginger garlic marinade. A hint of curry with a dash of crushed red pepper flakes help the marinade become a glaze while it cooks.
buffalo wings recipe Grilled Buffalo Wings recipe Traditional Pub style Buffalo wings have been adapted for your grill. I call these wings Honey-Hot as the basting sauce has been modified to add honey. These have all the heat your looking for in a Buffalo wing with a nice sweet and sticky finish. Grab a cold one and lot's of napkins.
buffalo wings recipe Bacon-wrapped Grilled Turkey Breasts Say goodbye to dried out old Turkey and say hello juicy and tender Turkey wrapped in delicious bacon! The secret to keeping these grilled turkey breasts so moist is the constant basting of the meat by the bacon. And the melted butter and garlic don't hurt either.
honey garlic chicken breast recipe Honey Garlic Chicken Breast recipe This is a quick and simple BBQ chicken breast recipe - easy enough for a weeknight meal but impressive enough for weekend guests too. We use both Bobby B's Cajun Seasoning Rub recipe as well as his delicious Honey Garlic Barbecue Sauce recipe
jerk chicken recipe Jamaican Jerk Chicken recipe Escape to Jamaica in your own backyard with the traditional jerk seasonings on your favorite cut of chicken. Spice it up or keep it cool - the choice is yours. Either way the flavor stays the same.

grilled chicken recipe 8 Asian Sensation Grilled Chicken recipe Explore a new way to grill chicken with this asian inspired recipe. The subtle spicy sesame ginger marinade in this recipe is perfect with chicken drumsticks or thighs. Let your family and friends try something new from your grill.

chicken satay recipe Thai barbeque chicken recipe These Thai bbq chicken skewers are seasoned with a robust asian chicken marinade that survives the heat of the grill. After grilling serve with this Thai peanut sauce recipe for dipping or just pour over the kabob's before serving.
bbq teriyaki chicken wings Teriyaki Chicken Wings Make your next party an all day or all night affair and just keep the wings flying off the grill. These teriyaki chicken wings soak in a marinade before grilling and have a nice thick teriyaki basting sauce that also serves as a dipping sauce for your guests. Quickly becoming one of the favorite bbq chicken recipes.
grilled honey garlic chicken wing recipe Honey Garlic Chicken Wing recipe These sweet & sticky honey garlic chicken wings will have you licking your fingers. You may want to make extra because they seem to disappear quickly, or combine them with the Teriyaki Chicken Wings above or the Grilled Buffalo Wings recipe further up this BBQ Chicken recipes page.
how to cook turkey bbq The Best Turkey Brine recipe Tired of dryed out, tasteless turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas? Now you can learn the secret behind perfect turkey (or any bird) - learn how to brine a turkey so it's perfect every time. Whether you BBQ Turkey like the recipe directly below or cook in the oven this turkey brine recipe will make you the star of the show.
bbq turkey on rotisserie BBQ Turkey Rotisserie Here's a great way to have juicy, full-flavored turkey any time of year. Barbecuing your turkey on the grills rotisserie at Thanksgiving and Christmas is also a great way to free up your homes oven to cook other dishes at the same time. Either way, the true secret to having a tender, juicy bird anytime is the salt brine used in this recipe. You won't believe how well this works.
tandoori chicken recipes Tandoori Chicken recipe Ignite your senses with the exotic flavors of India with this Tandoori Chicken recipe adapted for your grill. With the flavors true to authentic tandoor cooking you can now enjoy this recipe in your own home. This serves well with the cool garlic cucumber sauce if you find things getting a little too spicy!

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