BBQ Sauce recipes from around the World

From Sweet & Smoky to Hot & Spicy, we've a BBQ Sauce recipe for every Boy and Grill!

Most of the flavors we enjoy today have their roots in the Southern states, particularly the Carolinas.

Typically, a BBQ Sauce is either tomato, vinegar or mustard based, often a combination.

South Carolina is most famous for it's mustard based BBQ sauces, possibly due early German influences.

Over time different regions perfected their own variations and allegiances soon developed, most notably St. Louis, Memphis and Kansas City.

It's great to provide you with recipe samples of each district.

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Today commercial products enjoy mass-marketing and expensive advertising to appeal to customers.

Many of these commercial brands are unfortunately bland and flavorless (and expensive).

That's why it's so much better (and fun) to develop your own homemade recipe and put your unique taste signature on it.

Here's a selection from around the world to get you started.

These recipes bring out the best in all your grilled foods, but should never overpower them.

Reminder, any sugar-based sauce should go on during the last 20 to 30 minutes of cooking to avoid burning.

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barbeque sauce recipe Kansas City Barbeque Sauce recipe This is one of the most versatile BBQ sauces ever. Because it's Sweet & Smokey it works best with ribs and chicken but is just as good on burgers too.
barbecue sauce recipe Honey Garlic Barbecue Sauce recipe Rich and thick with the smooth blending of Honey & Garlic. This is a very traditional recipe best suited for grilled chicken or shrimp. One taste and you'll be hooked. I recommend keeping some as a dipping sauce when you serve the food.
sticky honey garlic sauce recipe Traditional Honey Garlic Sauce If you love sweet & sticky BBQ Honey Garlic chicken wings then this is the glaze and dipping sauce recipe you'll want. Unlike the tomato based honey garlic recipe just above, this one is soy sauce based with a powerful garlic flavor. Great with this Honey Garlic chicken wing recipe.
barbecue sauce recipe Classic Cheese Sauce recipe with Mushrooms This creamy cheese sauce with balsamic mushrooms is the ideal companion with our Best Hamburger recipe, BBQ chicken, grilled vegetables, and the Stuffed Pork Chops.
chimichurri sauce Chimichurri Sauce & Marinade Based on the traditional Argentinian recipe this Chimichurri sauce is also a versatile marinade too. Great on or in burgers, beef, fish, vegetables it's uses are virtually unlimited. Make extra of this recipe to store in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.
garlic butter recipe Flavored Butter Recipes Now you can easily make any kind of specialty flavored butters at home. Same step-by-step instructions apply to any of the ingredient and flavor selections you choose. Why not start with an all purpose Garlic Tarragon butter?
hot wing sauce recipe Honey Hot Wing Sauce recipe This Sweet with Heat hot wing sauce recipe isn't just for wings anymore. True, it's perfect on this Grilled buffalo wings recipe but you should also consider using it on other BBQ chicken or pork dishes as well. Experiment with it and have fun with this Sweet with Heat recipe.

thai peanut sauce recipe Spicy Thai peanut sauce recipe If you enjoy spicy Thai foods then you'll really be interested in making this peanut sauce recipe. Rich and thick with the traditional flavors it's great on grilled chicken, especially this Thai barbeque chicken recipe.
cucumber sauce recipe Creamy Garlic Cucumber Sauce This garlic cucumber sauce recipe is as light as a summer breeze. Adjust the garlic to suit your taste and add more or less mayo for the thickness you prefer. This is a great dipping sauce for Chicken Kofta Kebab recipe.
teriyaki sauce recipe Teriyaki Sauce recipe Full flavored Asian inspired teriyaki sauce is the perfect glaze and for dipping these Teriyaki Chicken Wings. It's also great on other chicken, shrimp and barbeque pork ribs recipes too.
thai peanut sauce recipe Smoky Maple homemade BBQ sauce recipe Enjoy the good ol' down home smoky taste and smell of good barbecue with the rich deep flavor of pure Maple Syrup. A little North meets South in this homemade BBQ sauce recipe. I love this on burgers, chicken and pork.
apple bbq sauce homemade recipe Apple BBQ Sauce homemade recipe Here's a new twist on a BBQ sauce recipe, apples! This homemade Apple BBQ sauce is perfect on any barbeque pork dishes and also works great as a marinade. I've had great success using it on this Apple Grilled Pork Tenderloin recipe.
honey mustard sauce Honey Mustard Sauce The Honey and Mustard combination's been around for a very long time and for good reason. The sweet honey has a calming effect on the tangy sharp mustard flavor and produces a new resulting flavor that's the best of both worlds. This recipe is perfect to enhance the taste of neutral flavored foods like BBQ pork, shrimp and especially chicken. Try it on this grilled honey mustard chicken recipe.
good ham glaze recipes Sweet & Sticky Ham Glaze recipes Nothing puts the finishing touches on a perfectly cooked smoked ham or pork loin roast then a nice shiny, sweet & sticky ham glaze recipe. With enough sugar based ingredients these sauces carmelize beautifully and give a nice finish coating to the meat.

good tomato sauce Classic Homemade Tomato Sauce This is an easy base tomato sauce recipe that's as great for pizza as it is for spaghetti or lasgna and refrigerates well too. Bold Roma tomato flavors with sage and garlic for seasoning means you can use it for just about anything you need a tomato sauce for.
pepper sauce recipe Roasted Red Pepper Sauce Easy Pepper Sauce made in a blender or food processor with roasted peppers you buy from the grocery store, lemon rind, garlic and olive oil. This is really good on scallops, fish and chicken but also works on meatloaf too.
olive tapenade Olive Tapenade If you're an olive lover than this quick and easy tapenade recipe is going to become your favorite. Great by itself spread on crackers or toasted baguette slices it's also a perfect base for other cold appetizers and different toppings.
easy mustard sauce Creamy Dijon-Swiss Mustard Sauce The Dijon and Swiss Cheese combination makes this a salty-spicy sauce that's great on Pork, Chicken or Fish.
easy horseradish sauce Creamy Horseradish Sauce Easy to make at home this creamy horseradish sauce recipe is best served chilled on Prime Rib or Steaks. Use prepared Hot horseradish for best results.
easy crab sauce Spicy Lime Crab Cake Sauce This sauce is the perfect topping for grilled crab cakes, shrimp or chicken. It gets a spicy boost from the horseradish and grainy dijon mustard.
bourbon sauce Kentucky Bourbon BBQ Sauce This Sweet Heat sauce with bourbon has a nice kick to it and is perfect on chicken, pork ribs, burgers and drizzled over our new meatball sub recipe.

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