Grilled Pizza recipes

If you've never made or tasted Grilled Pizza then you're in for a surprise to learn just how easy it is to make these homemade pizza recipes on your BBQ.

You can make your own dough (included with most of the recipes) but I'm finding nowadays it's just as good and a lot easier to buy the dough from your local bakery or supermarket.

grilled pizza

Chances are you'll find your new favorite here.

We've included 2 different types of the popular BBQ Chicken pizza, a healthy Vegetarian option, a decadent Steak & Cheese and even a unique Cheeseburger version.

Check back often for new additions, there's no end to what you can do with these.

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bbq chicken pizza recipe Gourmet Chicken Pizza recipe Sliced Cajun grilled chicken breast is the highlight tp this meal. Grilled on 8" pita breads this unique recipe includes sauteed balsamic mushrooms, onions and pancetta bacon, diced tomato and peppers soaked in a special sauce, with crumbled feta and mozzarella on top.

bbq chicken pizza recipe BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe This is one of those great Friday night BBQ meals. Put the easy-to-make dough recipe on to rise during the day and when you get home it's ready for the delicious chicken, red onion, bacon and shredded cheese toppings.

vegetable pizza recipe Vegetable Pizza recipe For a healthier choice this recipe can be topped with your favorite veggies. This recipe provides great examples including asparagus, red onion, broccoli and tomato which blend nicely with the Alfredo sauce base.

grilled cheese steak pizza Cheese Steak Pizza Use flavorful Sirloin Steak, grilled and sliced into thin strips for this recipe. Use the direct heat method to cook one side of the crust, put on the toppings then back on indirect heat using a pizza stone to finish off.

great cheeseburger pizza Cheeseburger Pizza Cheeseburgers and Pizza's, two of America's favorite foods now come together in this great tasting recipe. Grill one side of the dough first, load up the toppings then finish off on a pizza stone on the grill until the cheese is melted. Great for kids too!

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› Grilled Pizza Recipes

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