Gourmet Hamburger Recipes

How times change.

See how humble grilled hamburger recipes are experiencing a gourmet transformation.

Gone are the days of dried out hamburger patties of low grade beef slapped in a bun...

gourmet hamburger recipes

...find out what others are discovering is possible with a new trend in grilled burger recipes.

These, my friend, are not your fathers burgers.

Here are the Top 5 things you need to know about making the best hamburgers possible.

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best burger recipe Triple Cheese-Cheese-Cheese Burger recipe If you love Cheese Burgers as much as I do then you've got to try this burger. I've blended shredded cheese into the meat, then there's a cheese center filling that oozes out when you bite into it and it's all topped with melted cheese.
best hamburger recipe The Ultimate Burger! The Ultimate burger is one of the best burgers I've made so far. It's not the special ingredients in the Ultimate Burger that makes it so good, it's how the ingredients are actually combined. Check it out...
juicy turkey burger recipes Jalapeno Turkey Burger And now for something completely different, how about a bacon-wrapped jalapeno Turkey Burger! It's amazing how popular these have become as people look for alternatives to traditional beef burgers. Taste the bacon, jalapeno and garlic explosion.
barbecue hamburger recipe Sirloin barbecue hamburger recipe Flavorful lean top sirloin blended with juicy fresh ground pork, topped with grilled spanish panceta bacon, sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese, then grilled to perfection.
grilled burgers Mediterranean Grilled Burgers Now you can enjoy the authentic flavors of Greece in your own backyard with these juicy Mediterranean flame grilled burgers. Top these with traditional Tzatziki, a cool cucumber and yogurt prepared blend found at most supermarkets.
hamburger recipe Chicken Fajita burger recipe Try this unique new recipe that combines all the ingredients and flavors of your favorite chicken fajitas - but in a hamburger instead! Lot's of room for you to experiment with different toppings, just as you would with regular chicken fajitas.

gourmet burger recipe Chimichurri Sliders! Experience a taste of Argentina with these fun little Chimichurri Sliders. These gourmet mini burgers use the flavor-packed Chimichurri sauce found here as the main ingredient. This makes 12 sliders (think of miniature burgers) which are great as a snack or appetizer.
grilled hamburger recipe Spicy Italian grilled hamburger recipe Italian cooking is always full-flavored and robust - now you can enjoy all the benefits of great Italian cooking in a grilled hamburger. This recipe has all the base ingredients and methods you'll need to get started, let your imagination take over when choosing the toppings.
canadian gourmet burger recipe Great Canadian Burger
O Canada! You're going to love your new Burger! The Great Canadian Burger is made from Alberta beef and topped with Canadian peameal backbacon and real Cheddar cheese. Add a little maple syrup into the mix for a uniquely Canadian touch.
easy hamburger patties recipe Easy Hamburger Patties recipe
Here's a quick and easy hamburger patties recipe that's packed with flavor. Great for those busy weeknights when you want a quick meal from the BBQ, these grilled burgers use dried French Onion Soup mix as the main flavor ingredient. Lot's of parmesean cheese is the other suprise in this hamburgers seasoning recipe.
best vegetarian burger recipes Portabella Veggie Burger recipe Barbeque some marinated Portabella mushrooms topped with crumbled feta cheese and roasted red peppers for a great veggie burger recipe. Vegetarian burgers are becoming more popular and this recipe is definitely a healthy choice.

best burger recipies The Best BBQ Beef Burgers Get ready to taste the all-time best BBQ Beef Burgers you'll ever make on the grill. Stuffed with jalapeno peppers, bbq sauce and seasoning these delicious burgers are topped with melted Monteray Jack cheese and balsamic grilled onions. Fantastic.
spicy pork kebab skewers Satay Pork Kebab Burgers How about something completely different and totally unconventional in a burger? Why not try these spicy Peanut Satay flavored Pork Kebab skewers that you serve in fresh Panini rolls? All traditional Thai flavors in this unique new package.
bison burgers Buffalo Burgers Tired of the same old beef burgers? Why not discover the amazing flavor of real Buffalo (Bison) with this burger recipe. Add sauteed onions and smoked cheddar cheese to the mixture for even more flavor.
chicken burgers Chicken Burgers Definitely these chicken burgers are a healthy alternative but more importantly - they taste absolutely amazing! Lean ground chicken packed with a smoky onion flavor. Give these a try for something different.
meat ball sub Meatball Subs Take the traditional meatball sub recipe and Summer it up for the grill. Try these cheese stuffed meatballs smothered in shredded cheese and Kentucky Bourbon BBQ sauce.
caesar chicken burger Chicken Caesar Burgers Enjoy all the amazing flavors of a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, but in a burger instead!

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