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Welcome to the smoky delicious world of BBQ Pork.

The most famous and sought after BBQ pork recipe has to be BBQ Ribs, and we've included some of our favorite recipes here.

sticky bbq ribs recipes

We've also provided some smoky stuffed BBQ pork chop recipes, a traditional pulled pork recipe with a non-traditional twist and some very unique (and tasty!) BBQ tenderloin recipes, just scroll down the page until you find what turns you on!

Make sure you've lot's of napkins handy as things are gonna get sticky!

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pulled pork sandwiches Pulled Pork sandwiches recipe This is a traditional North Carolina style pulled pork recipe - with a twist. Typically this regions pulled pork uses a vinegar-based finishing sauce - we add a little Kansas City barbeque sauce recipe to it as well to boost the flavor and appearance.
bbq ribs recipe Kansas City Sweet & Sticky BBQ Ribs recipe This is my all-time favorite BBQ ribs recipe, not just because it's the best I've ever made and tasted but because it uses the All American BBQ dry rub recipe and the Kansas City BBQ sauce recipe which are also featured on this site!
stuffed pork chops Stuffed Pork Chops These grilled chops are stuffed with smoked cheese, ham and basil pesto. As these chops cook the stuffing blends into a beautiful and delicious melted center that oozes onto your plate as you cut into them. Really a nice flavor combination.
grilled sausages Beer basted Grilled Sausage This grilled sausage recipe uses Bratwurst sausage but you can easily substitute for any other type of sausage. Simmered before grilling in beer and onions adds extra flavor, reduces grilling time and helps prevent over-cooking and flare-ups on the BBQ.
bbq pork ribs Honey Garlic & Ginger BBQ Pork Ribs Are you looking for a BBQ ribs recipe different than the traditional barbecue flavor? Honey, Garlic and Ginger blend perfectly to give these BBQ ribs a deep penetrating taste that will amaze you. Great as a main dish but even better as an appetizer, just cut the ribs into individual pieces and serve with the honey-lime-garlic dipping sauce.
pork tenderloin recipe Mediterranean stuffed pork tenderloin If you're looking for a stuffed BBQ tenderloin recipe and one that's not going to leave the meat dried out - then this recipe is for you. Stuffed with feta cheese, diced cucumber, red onion and green pepper this recipe bastes itself, from the inside out, while it cooks. This recipe also uses off-the-shelf greek salad dressing for the marinade to make preparation even easier.

grilled pork chops Teriyaki Grilled Pork Chops Teriyaki is a great asian flavor that works best with pork or seafood. These boneless loin chops really soak up the marinade and grill very quickly. Served over a bed of rice it could become a favorite bbq pork recipe.
bbq stuffed pork rib roast Apple-Bacon Stuffed Pork Roast When it comes to BBQ Pork Roasts choosing a bone-in rib roast is the best choice to ensure juicy meat. This rib roast recipe has pockets stuffed with apple, pancetta bacon, green onions and roasted red pepper and finished with a maple-orange glaze. Delicious!
barbeque pork ribs Mojo Barbeque Pork Ribs Think Hawaiian when you think of this pineapple infused BBQ rib recipe. The ribs are marinated and basted in our Mojo marinade which blends Jack Daniels, pineapple, honey and spices to give this dish a tropical infused flavor. Great for your next backyard party.
marinated pork tenderloin kebabs Marinated Pork Tenderloin Kebab's It's the unique ingredients that keep these marinated tenderloin kebab's so juicy and tender on the grill. By adding butter to the marinade it not only adds rich flavor but helps baste the meat while cooking. Simply add red onion and green pepper to the kebabs to round out the taste.
cheese stuffed pork chops Buffalo style cheese stuffed pork chops recipe Love the flavor of Buffalo Wings? Then you'll love this Monterey Jack cheese stuffed chops recipe. Soak them in Franks Red Hot sauce for an hour before grilling and you've got an easy bbq pork recipe for quick weeknight meal.
teriyaki barbeque pork ribs recipe Teriyaki Barbeque Pork Ribs recipe BBQ pork ribs with a totally different twist from the usual. Infuse these ribs with an asian flavored marinade before grilling. While they're on the grill you'll baste them with a rich and sticky Teriyaki glaze. The finished flavor is amazing. These are great bbq ribs anytime.

grilled peameal bacon Grilled Peameal Bacon Also called "Canadian Bacon" peameal bacon is actually brined back bacon from the lean bonless pork loin. Typically served at breakfast peameal bacon is gaining popularity grilled and served on buns. You can find this now at many fair and events. Easy to make, this recipe includes a spicy rub if you want to try something a bit more exotic then salt and pepper.
best grilled pork tenderloin recipe Apple Grilled Pork Tenderloin This is an easy bbq tenderloin recipe that gets it's pure apple background flavor from our new Apple BBQ Sauce homemade recipe, turns out it's a great marinade too. These barbeque pork medallions are great year round but even better in the Fall if you make your own homemade apple sauce.
grilled pork rib roast Garlic Infused Pork Rib Roast Wow your guests with this garlic stuffed Pork Rib roast. You insert slivers of garlic into the roast where they infuse their flavor as the roast cooks. You'll baste it occasionally with a Mustard, Honey and Bourbon glaze. When it's cooked you simply slice it between the rib bones and everyone gets a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth piece. This has become a favorite bbq pork recipe for visitors to tasteofBBQ.
greek pork kebabs Pork Souvlaki in a Pita Marinated Greek Pork, red onion and green pepper skewers are grilled and then placed in a warm pita or tortilla then drizzled with creamy garlic cucumber or Tzatziki sauce. Great Mediterranean flavor.
cola bbq ribs recipe for the grill Cola BBQ Ribs recipe for the grill Here's the famous Cola BBQ Ribs recipe for the grill you may have heard about. This is the technique used by many restaurants when they prepare their BBQ ribs. It's also a technique that's hotly contested by many people associated with BBQ competition. Even so, because there's so many people who like "fall off the bone" ribs I had to include this bbq pork recipe on the site.
easy pork tenderloin recipe Easy Pork Tenderloin recipe with Honey, Dijon & Whisky That's right, Whisky. Combined with Honey and Dijon this now ranks as one of my favorite bbq pork recipe marinades. While the combination may sound unusual, when you marinate the tenderloins overnight in the brew the flavor penetrates the meat completely and the result is really quite amazing.

grilled pork tenderloin recipe Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Bruschetta stuffing What do you do when you've extra grilled chicken bruschetta recipe? You stuff a tenderloin with it and grill it! That's basically how this bbq pork recipe came to be and I think you'll really enjoy the results.
garlic pork loin roast recipe Honey Garlic Pork Loin Roast recipe Perfect for your rotisserie - but don't fear, if you don't have one you can still cook this on your grill. Garlic inserted deep within the loin infuse the flavor throughout the meat. Wrapping the roast in foil as it cooks keeps all the juices on the inside where they belong.
smoked ham recipe Hickory Smoked Ham recipe This is a very impressive meal to serve and it looks a lot harder to make then it really is. Using a real pre-cooked, pre-cured ham with the bone-in makes this smoked ham recipe very easy. What you do is add so much more flavor by smoking it on the BBQ a couple of hours using hickory smoking chips and basting it with a rich, thick Honey-Dijon ham glaze. Great BBQ pork recipe for holidays or even Sunday Dinner.
grilled pork roast recipe Apple Pork Roast recipe Forget the days of dryed out pork roast recipes. When you soak a roast in the special Apple-Peppercorn brine overnight it stays juicy and moist all the time its on the grill and right to your table. Finish it with the special Maple-Mustard glazing sauce.
best bbq pork tenderloin recipe Sesame Ginger BBQ Pork Tenderloin The famous duo Sesame & Ginger team up again in this lean and juicy tenderloin recipe. Some meats like pork benefit from a longer marination time due to their dense meat. That's the case here so if you can leave the medallions overnight that's best.
stuffed pork recipe Sausage & Smoked Cheese Stuffed Pork Roast Bratwurst Sausage meat and Smoked Cheddar Cheese give the stuffing in this Pork Roast recipe amazing flavor. Use the peppercorn marinating paste 4 - 6 hours before cooking and finish with an apple-honey glaze.

apple cider pork chop recipe Best Apple Cider Brined Pork Chop recipe Brining meats is becoming more and more popular as it keeps the meat juicy & moist during cooking. This chop recipe uses an Apple Cider brine and produces the best BBQ pork chops you may ever taste.
tenderloin stuffed with sausages Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Sausages Here's a great combination if you love pork, tenderloins stuffed with your favorite sausages and a tangy Lemon-Thyme Dijon cream sauce. Save extra sauce to drizzle over the pork when cooked.
tenderloin stuffed with sausages Dijon Roasted Pork Shoulder Just because a pork shoulder roast is really inexpensive doesn't mean it has to taste that way. A brown sugar and Dijon marinating paste add so much flavor and the nice thick fat cap you keep on the roast while it cooks keeps it nice and juicy.
bacon explosion The Original Bacon Explosion You've heard about, you've read about it, now you can make the famous Bacon Explosion at home! So much delicious bacon flavor should be illegal.
jerk pork Jamaican Jerk Pork Authentic tasting Jamaican Jerk Pork with spicy rubbed marinade. Let soak overnight then slow cook on your gas grill or bbq. Great served with spicy jambalaya.
peameal bacon roast bbq Rotisserie Peameal Bacon Roast Peameal Bacon, Cornmeal Bacon, Canadian Bacon or Back Bacon, pretty much all the same thing. Except this is a cool recipe where you cook the whole cured bacon roast on your BBQ rotisserie.

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