Marinade recipes to Flavor Boost your BBQ & Grilling

Good marinade recipes, like the ones below, are intended to enhance the flavor of grilled foods, not to overpower them.

Most recipes contain some sort of acidic liquid like vinegars or fruit juices to break down the proteins in the meat. Pineapple and Ginger are also popular because they contain enzymes that can tenderize the meat.

Herbs and spices like cumin, rosemary, paprika, onion or garlic powder, oregano and thyme add pungent flavor to the marinade and that flavor is passed on to the food.

Oils are used in marinades to help provide a carrier for the herbs and spices and release their flavors. The oil also helps brown the food when grilling.

Salt is a flavor enhancer used in most recipes and is very important, in the right quantities, in marinades.

bbq marinade recipes

It's important to follow a recipes directions when marinating, especially for how long to leave the food in the marinade.

Red meat really doesn't absorb marinades very well and doesn't really benefit from any tenderizing as a result. You can keep red meat in a marinade much longer, allowing some of the flavors to soak into the cracks if possible. Too long though and the surface of your steak can become mushy.

Chicken and Pork absorbs flavors much better than red meat. If leaving the skin on poultry try poking a fork through the skin and into the flesh to help with the penetration.

Likewise, Grilled Shrimp and Seafood usually need only an hour soaking time compared to the grilled chicken, steak and pork marinades.

Try some of the marinade recipes below or experiment on your own with variations of these. Most importantly, have fun.

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steak marinade recipe Broil King "The Perfect Steak" marinade I'll be the first person to say a good quality cut of beef needs no marination or extra spices. The reality is, however, that many retailers today are providing less then optimum quality steaks and some cuts, like flank or round, need a helping hand. If you have to marinate steak, why not choose the famous Broil King "The Perfect Steak" marinade recipe. It does what it has to with a beautiful blend of flavor along the way.
grilled chicken marinades Asian Sensation grilled chicken marinades Experience the flavors of Asia with this slightly spicy sesame ginger marinade, especially good with chicken but blends beautifully with pork and fish too.
salmon marinade Mojo Salmon marinade Newly developed salmon marinade that balances the sweetness of crushed pineapple and honey with the kick of Jack Daniels. This marinade is very quick and easy to prepare and will make your next grilled salmon melt in your mouth. Works great on chicken and pork recipes too!
chimichurri sauce recipe Chimichurri Marinade & Sauce I've adapted this from traditional Argentinian recipes. This marinade is typically used for beef in South America but is also a great sauce or cooking ingredient in burgers, fish and vegetables.
thai chicken marinade Thai Chicken Marinade Traditional Thai flavors in this marinade brings your grilled chicken, pork or lamb recipes to life. The longer you can soak the meat in this determines the strength of flavors after grilling. This is an exceptional marinade to use on our new Thai barbeque chicken recipe.

chicken marinade recipe Citrus Blast! chicken marinade recipe Take grilled lemon chicken recipes to a new level with this robust Citrus Blast! marinade. Great with pork and seafood. Wake up your food with an explosion of Citrus Blast!
fajita marinade recipe Fajita Marinade recipe Quick and powerful fajita marinade that's great for both steak and chicken. Lime, tequila and cilantro combine to provide an authentic TexMex flavor to your fajita recipes. I like to soak beef in this overnight for the full effect but chicken takes less time. Add a little liquid mesquite smoke flavoring or use real mesquite smoking chips and you'll think your South of the Border!
teriyaki marinade recipes Teriyaki marinade recipe This is a very basic but fundamental asian marinade that provides a strong teriyaki flavor to chicken, shrimp and pork before grilling. This picture shows some teriyaki barbeque pork ribs recipe soaking in the marinade just before going on the grill.
how to bbq a turkey Learn How to Brine a Turkey Never eat or serve dry, tasteless turkey (or any other bird for that matter) ever again! Once you learn how to brine a turkey I guarantee you'll never want it any other way. This brine uses salt as all brine recipes do but has several spices and ingredients that add nice subtle flavors to your turkey.

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