Amazing grilled stuffed Chicken Breasts

Some stuffed chicken breast recipes can be fairly time-consuming to make and end up kind of dry and boring.

I pieced together what I thought was the best (and easiest) ideas from several other recipes I'd tried in the past and came up with this one.

A stuffed boneless, skinless chicken breast that's only got a little prosciutto, provolone cheese and basil leaves wrapped up inside.

Really, it doesn't get much easier than that.

Here's a quick video and the step-by-step recipe is below...

The simple list of ingredients make this so easy and quick to make and the flavor combinations are fantastic.

Make sure you flatten the chicken so it cooks evenly and don't overcook it.

An instant read meat thermometer is a "must have" tool for serious grill cooks.

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Serves: 2 - 4

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 12 - 15 minutes

Direct Heat: 375F - 425F

What you'll need:

  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 4 strips of prosciutto ham
  • 4 slices provolone cheese
  • 8 fresh basil leaves
  • kosher salt to taste
  • ground black pepper to taste
  • garlic powder to taste
  • italian seasoning to taste (optional)

how to flatten a chicken breast

Step 1:
Trim any excess fat from the meat and cut off the small tenderloin flap if still attached (save for another use, or put them on skewers to grill with this recipe).

Place a chicken breast between two sheets of plastic wrap or in a ziplock plastic bag and gently pound the breast to a consistent 1/4" thickness.

Don't pound to hard or to often or the breast will start to break apart.

A flattened chicken breast will cook more evenly.

seasoned chicken breast

Step 2:
Sprinkle kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder and italian seasoning (optional) over each flattened chicken breast.

prosciutto ham on chicken breast

Lay a strip of prosciutto over each breast.

provolone and basil on prosciutto

Place a piece of provolone cheese over each strip of prosciutto and 2 basil leaves on top of the cheese.

tying stuffed chicken breasts

Step 3:
Carefully roll up the stuffed breasts from the wide end to the narrower end.

Roll these as tightly as you can and tie with butchers twine.

how to make stuffed chicken breasts

Lightly rub the outside of the stuffed breasts with oil and season with kosher salt and black pepper.

stuffed chicken breasts on the grill

Step 4:
Clean and oil the grates of the BBQ. Preheat the grill to 375F - 425F.

When grill reaches temperature place the chicken bundles on the grill and close the lid.

bbq stuffed chicken breasts

Every couple minutes lift the lid and roll each piece over a 1/4 turn so each side gets grilled.

These recipes need an internal temperature (in the meat not the stuffing) of 165F.

After 12 - 15 minutes or so the chicken should be cooked to 165F and can be removed from the grill.

Serve immediately.


cheese and ham stuffed chicken breasts

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